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What is changelox?

You need a well written and human readable changelog and you don't want to spend much time?
changelox helps you to maintain a changelog people actually like to read. Stop struggeling with ugly and useless changelogs that nobody wants to read. If you have one at all.


These are just a few things you get when you use changelox

Easy maintenance

Easily maintain a changelog instantly and only with meaningful information

Don't miss a single change

changelox tracks every change and reminds the developer to write a changelog entry

Changelog Editor

A simple to use editor provides all necessary information needed to write a good changelog.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to get started?

You simply install changelox as a GitHub app and decide which repositories you want to track. No need any additional dependencies or configurations to your project.

How do I remove changelox if I don't want to use it anymore?

Just uninstall the GitHub app and you're done. You may want to remove the changelox pull request as well.

How do you generate the changelog entries?

Changelog entries are not generated. Each developer of a pull request writes it himself. Every time a pull request is created or updated changelox checks for a changelog annotation in the description of the pull request. If changelox can't find an annotation it will mark the pull request check as failed just like it would be by a failing test. This encourages the developer to write a changelog entry. He simply needs to click on the "details" link to get into the specialized changelox editor to write a good changelog entry.

What do I have to do to actually generate the changelog?

When a pull request is merged into the default branch changelox will update its own pull request with the new changelog entry. This is great because you can see all changelog changes in one single pull request and there won't be any merge conflicts because the developers won't need to update the on their own. If you want to update the new changelog entries you simply review the changelog pull request and merge it.

Which format is used for the changelog?

Generally it's your choice how to format your changelog. However, changelox recommends and follows the quasi-standard of Keep a Changelog

Do you rewrite my existing changelog?

No. changelox cannot generate entries for past changes since it doesn't know your project. Many of our users prefer to update their changelog to enable us to add new entries to the top of the existing changelog.

Commercial or private project?

We will support commercial and private projects soon. Sign up to get notified.